Cool Site for women’s clothing

So, Valerie from 8 Limbz recently shared a link to this online store, and I think it is cool for a billion reasons. They make you take a billion measurements and then fit you into a body shape. I played guess my body shape–I looked at the body shape pictures and said, I think I’m an A. And low and behold, after taking my measurements, I was an A! woohoo…that’s good cause it means I’m seeing my body the way it really is! And THEN, when you go to shop, they tell you what clothes are good for your body shape. SO, even if you didn’t buy anything there, you could look for styles that fit your body type and then go find them elsewhere. Anywho, I thought it was super cool and figured I’d share will all. Hmmm….I seem to be “borrowing” from other people a lot…lol….everyones just got way good posts and I have like, no time whatsoever 🙂


3 thoughts on “Cool Site for women’s clothing

  1. If this idea had been for gi’s, I would be accusing someone of hacking into my brain right about now.

    But it’s for dressy street clothes, which is much better, and so I will keep all sorts of flagrant accusations to myself.

    Seriously, great find ladies 🙂

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