I look like I was in a cat fight…That’s good, right?

So in….AAAHHHH a week from sunday I am doing the local tourney in my area…and my goal is to be more prepared for this tourney then my first tourney. By that I mean that I’m not going to, after not rolling for three weeks, decide 4 days before the tourney that I’m going to compete. So I could PROBABLY raise my standards *a little* but, hey, nobody’s perfect.

ANYWHO, even though my schedule is completely f’d up for a month while school starts and marching band gets going, mostly because of all the Jewish holidays, and Labor Day, I am running all over the place to get to bjj. Last week I went down to Morganville, which was fun, but I felt like lead because the week before I hadn’t been able to make it to bjj at all, so as a result I had absolutely no stamina.

This week, only being available tonight for BJJ, I skipped my regular karate class (which, since this is a kickboxing week, I normally wouldn’t have felt so bad about it, but I miss everyone cause I haven’t been there in like…I can’t even remember *sigh*) and drove down to Middletown. Anywho, going to Middletown is a little intimidating, because they have a bunch of blue belts a couple of purples, and tonight there was a brown belt visiting from Brazil, and only a couple of white belts (whereas my school is mostly–all–white belts cause our program hasn’t been in existance for long).

But who cares, there was a girl yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay *does happy dance* And she’s a blue belt–*mentally prepares to tap a lot* At first she seemed a little cold…but she warmed up as we went along…I don’t know a lot but I fake it really well, and I think she was probably afraid I was a flailing mess. I think I’m a flailing mess, but when I seemed to hold my own, she warmed up. I don’t blame her.

The classes at Morganville and Middletown are 15 minutes longer then the classes at my school (and for the record, Morganville mat is longer….makes it much harder to do the warmups *sigh*) So its much more intense….we start with a run, interspersed randomly with crunches, pushups, and ‘jits’ pushups–don’t know if that’s what they’re really called, I just associate them with BJJ….Then down the mat…Forward and Regular Shrimps, backward safety rolls, supermans, caterpillars…*huffhuff*

Lesson: Triangle from closed guard–when they start to pass, put grab at wrist and collar and put feet on hips. Take one foot and push their bicep back and then go over their head for the triangle.
Lesson 2: If instead of a regular guard pass, they put a hand under the leg and go for opposite collar (sorry for the description if it has a name…i don’t know it *sigh*) Grab wrist and collar and hook neck with foot. Other foot should be positioned between their legs. Then you turn away from them and grab their belt for control (somewhere that hooked foot comes off..) and you can either pull them on top of you or take their back.

Then we rolled. FOREVER.

What do I remember….hmmmm…She was very nice and let me work getting out from underneath her when she caught me in side control and mount (which as always, was a lot!) Her helpful hint was to curl up in a ball…try to get my head to her thigh.

I spent a lot of time TRYING to pass guard and not succeeding….I got in mount once…I don’t know how, and it didn’t last long! 🙂 She armbarred me and omaplata’d me…I’ve never actually gotten omaplata’d before, usually I sneak out somehow (I don’t know how, I’ve never been taught a defense, I guess they just never have it really tight and I can squish out of it…not so much in this case!) I was proud of myself cause I did manage to try to get the triangle from drilling, and she defended but I got my foot over her head, so that was a plus in my book (yay I applied something I learned, go me!)

Anyway, I drive home, go in the bathroom, and look in the mirror…my hair is in dissarray…my two braids…although they usually get frizzy after bjj, were a mess…whole chunks were pulled out, hair all over the place.

And so I thought to myself,

“I look like I was in a cat fight…I guess that’s a good thing?”


All in all a good night 🙂


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