A Letter To The Lady Newbies, (via A Skirt on the Mat)

Truely, I just couldn’t have said it better! 🙂 Anygirl who is just starting this amazing journey we call bjj (cause we can’t spell it!–oh maybe that’s just me) absolutely needs to read this. 🙂

Thank You Katie! 🙂

This is mainly intended for the girls who just started at our academy, but this could apply to any academy, I would think. Except for the end. That's a Katie original. Recognize. 😉 Oh, and a Big Thank You to all the people that have stopped by and said Hello! Especially Georgette Oden for referring people over this way! Thanks! Dear Ladies, Hello there, my dear teammates. You may not feel you deserve the title since your belt is so white that it … Read More

via A Skirt on the Mat


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