hardwired to help

I went over my freind Mandi’s yesterday to help out with the most beauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuutifulist little munchkin, Maddy :). Anywho both Mandi, and her husband, Brandt, were super thankful and thanked me a kabillian times…I don’t really even feel like I did much, but I’m sure it was helpful anywho–helped put away some baby stuff, hung out and watched Maddy on the couch, stayed with Mandi while Brandt went out to run errands, did a load of munchkin laundry, folded said laundry, and put said laundry away (now if only I could do that with MY laundry…lol).

But meanwhile, I’m excited to be able to help. Is that wierd? I feel honored that they are willing to let me into their house, fold their clothes, etc etc. They’re thanking me for helping and I’m thanking them for letting me help. I think I’m just hardwired that way….


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