100 random things (well, not quite)

1. I like labor day weekend cause all the radio stations do nothing but play countdowns of good music šŸ™‚

2. I am proud of myself for going to bjj tonight (cause I went to one of the other gyms my instructor teaches at, and I’ve never been there before!)

3. I am proud cause after class I wanted a treat, and I successfully made a choice to have frozen yogurt with half the calories of the ice cream concoction I would have normally chose (and I enjoyed it even more, knowing I made a good choice!

4. This week has been SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO stressful…but it’s all okay now cause the stress has been wicked away by my gi (which is soaked with sweat lol)

5. 3 weeks until I compete šŸ™‚ http://www.njbjjf.com yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

6. I learned this week that “non-toxic” really means “we’re sure you won’t die in the next two weeks, but what will happen to you 10 years down the line, we don’t know”

7. I learned that my school’s guidence department doesn’t know how to schedule lab science classes, since we (the science teachers) spent today fixing the lab schedule INSTEAD OF getting our classrooms ready, so now I have to go in EXTRA EARLY on Tuesday morning to set up my class *sigh*

8. Three days in a school with no air conditioning when the temps are 90+ and 100% humidity (thanks, Earl) is really tiring and stressful.

9. I keep reminding myself that the reason why I teach marching band (which is also VERY STRESSFUL right now) is so I can continue my karate and bjj obsessions. It’s basically been my mantra through 4 days of intense rehersals and numerous phone calls to people about uniforms and flags.

10. What is with people who dont read an entire email? I told one of the band vendors THREE times that he had the numbers for one of the items we were ordering wrong, and HE STILL HASN’T FIXED IT!! and MEANWHILE, my band director is bugging for the invoce so he can pay them (cause paying from a school account is a pain in the butt) *sigh*

11. Today in class we started from open guard. Put our hands under their legs, and flipped them over so they turtled up (making sure to keep our hips down to push them over, as I got told a bunch of times). Then we snuck one hand under their head to their opposite collar, and the other hand went under an arm and the head to the opposite collor. Then you walked around, pulling across with hand one, and down with hand two. TAP! I really was excited there was another girl there. It is just wonderful to roll with someone else cause they have different ways of doing things, and when you roll with the same person all the time you start to be able to predict their moves very easily. So I think it is good that I will be going to this class for the weeks leading up to the tourney so I will get some more experience with a different person.

12. I have a bjj goal: Timing for getting out of ikky positions, like side control and mount, where I seem to live a lot (boo). Today while we were rolling, my partner…Peg I think (ick i’m so bad with names!) was in mount, and I heard my instructor telling another group to umpa, and I umpa’d and she wasn’t expecting it so over she went. My timing was excellent by accident. Now I hafta figure out how to do that on purpose. *sigh*

13. Looking forward to the long weekend so I can catch up on the blogs I haven’t read, clean my house, which looks like a bomb hit it, visit my best friend Mandi and her brand new little baby girl madelyn who is sooooo adorable and was born on Monday šŸ™‚ (lol I sound like she bought a new car) I didn’t want to leave the hospital on Tuesday when I went to visit, and Mandi was like “you know, Regina, she IS going to be around for a while” It was funny. I guess you had to be there. Hmmm…I wonder if I wrote that in my last post? oops if I did I don’t really feel like checking right now! *grinz*

Yea. I think that’s it. “phew”


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