I had an epiphany today–I was finishing a scrapbook for my best friend, Mandi, who just gave birth to a super cute girl (who I got to see today, but more of that later!) So I started the scrapbook with the following pages: “first comes love” , “then comes marrage”, and “then comes baby in the baby carrage! with pics of Mandi and Brandt when they were dating and from their wedding. Then I did a bunch of pics from her baby shower, and a mom page and a dad page, and a baby page. Then on the last page, I wrote a note to Madelyn–and I wrote that I had written the story so far, the rest of the book was empty because it was hers to fill:

“This is the most important story you will ever write–the story of your life”.

I’ve never thought of my own life like that…and I think I should. The idea that I have control over where I go, what I do, and what I achieve…that is in my hands, not someone elses–What happens in my life, yea sure, there is some which is chance, that’s life–but a lot of it, more then I really think of on a daily basis, is in my control, and what I do with the stuff that chance throws at me changes me and helps me grow–as a person, as an adult, as a teacher, and as a martial artist. It is up to me to control my attitude and “write the best story” I possibly can.


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