So, today, and for the next three days, I have a professional development in Hoboken, which is…oh, 45 minutes or so from my house during the day. I haven’t gotten up early all summer, so today was exhausting….it wasn’t really an exhausting type of thing, it just was me not being used to being up and around from 6 am. ANYWHO, I got home exhausted around 4, and decided, oh I’ll just lay down and take a nap for a bit, cause I don’t have karate until 7.

OOPS…woke up AT 7 on the dot, confused as hell. First I saw the time and thought I was late for my professional development (thinking it was morning) and then realized, no, it’s still the evening *CRAP* karate…rush around, get changed barge out the door–and get caught talking to my neighbor, who I see like once every 3 months…our schedules just don’t coinside…we aren’t ever leaving or coming home at the same time.

Anywho, it was nice to get caught talking to her, because she told me I looked really good and that I had lost weight (yaaaay) so that made me feel good šŸ™‚

Finish talking to her, and then I zoom to class…gosh it’s a good thing I live around the corner from the dojo…

Sensei Tori from our East Brunswick school was there (for whatever reason) YAY! I like when she does kickboxing! woot! We did more practicing fake outs…I think I like faking a jab and then throwing a jab, and the kick low a lot (and advertise it) and out of nowhere jab. Some light sparring, nothing heavy.

For our end of class workout, she played a game with us. She split us into two groups and she had a stack of cards. She showed a card to the first person in the group, and you could either take it or pass. The number on the card was how many of whatever exersize your group had to do (pushups, mountain climbers, situps, or squats). The goal was to have the higher score at the end..so if she showed you a 3, you could say pass, and you’d get the next card, hopefully a 7 or something.

so, i know that doesn’t make any sense, so here’s an example…
Team 1 is shown a 3. 1st person on that team says “pass” she shows a 7 and puts it in team 1’s pile. Team 1 does 7 pushups.
Team 2 is shown a 10. 1st person on team 2 accepts, team 2 does 10 pushups. Card is put in pile

Back to team 1: 2nd person shown a 6, they “pass”, and are shown a 3. Team 1 does 3 mountain climbers
Team 2: 2nd person shown a 6, they accept, Team 2 does 6 mountain climbers

Team1: 3rd person shown a 5, they accept, team 1 does 5 situps
Team 2: 3rd person shown a 2, they “pass”, and are shown an 8, team 2 does 8 situps

Team 1: 4th person shown a 6, they accept, team 1 does 6 squats
Team 2: 4th person shown a 4, they pass, are shown a 10, and do 10 squats

Then you would start over again from pushups

At the end, you add up each team’s total:
Team 1: 7+3+5+6=21
Team 2: 10+6+8+10=34

YAY! Team 2 won!

Subtract the difference between the two numbers (13 in this case)
Team 1 does 13 pushups, 13, mountain climbers, 13 situps, 13 squats. Team 2 holds a straddle split.

yay! I’m going to guess she probably does this a lot with the juniors–“disguise repetition” and “make it a game”

Note to self! šŸ™‚
Okay going to bed now, cause I have to get up again tommorrow!


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