Yay! BJJ tonight!

We had some new peeps, and one of them was a new girl (yay!), so I got to work with her all night. We basically just drilled armbars and sissor sweeps.


(prelude: we have a black belt bjj instructor who comes to our karate school for the bjj classes…so our karate instructors get to roll with us, which I think is super cool…Sensei Ken and Tony are white belts and Sensei Nancy is a blue belt–in bjj, obviously…)

Sensei Nancy asked me to roll with her, so I did…*phew* hard work!…lets see here..what do I remember…mostly only where she stopped me…I remember trying to to get a triangle…at some point having side control, she stopped me and told me that if I had really good side control and when I had it solid like that I could move to mount…so we restarted from that position and I was able to do it (I’m sure she let me, but still)…at another point, our positions were reversed, and I was trying to get out from underneath side control…she stopped me and said I don’t have to pull guard, just get to my knees…it seems to me this might lead to someone taking my back, but on the other hand, I just dont’ have the strength to umpa and get my legs underneath to get back to guard, and it seems that there are a few precious seconds where when you get to your knees you can change your position so you dont get your back taken…but even if my back was taken, at least I’ll be able to breathe and its a lot easier to think about defending when you can breathe and don’t have the weight of the world on your ribs. Just my lowly opinion, there. 🙂

ANYWAY, when we were finished, she said I did an awesome job (hence the yippie skippie title!) and she was proud of me *happy dance* because I knew what to do to defend and stuff…*yay*

So, I’m feeling super happy right now–had an excellent roll in bjj, karate was fun…to brain smushed to write in what we did…it’s a kickboxing week, anywho…lol plus, on Wednesday we have a muay thai seminar, so I’ll have lots of kickboxing to report on then! 🙂

One thing that during my roll I definitely thought I could have handled better…at some point I was on my back, and she grabbed my pant legs and stood up…so I couldn’t touch her cause she had control of my pant legs…I wish I remembered what we did from there, cause we did move on.. but I was somewhat frustrated cause I couldn’t figure out what to do exactly…any thoughts, suggestion, comments?


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