2:56 am

Is a really sukky time to be awake.  But, after some 3 hours of tossing and turning, I have just given up and am now randomly surfing the web.  I’m hoping looking at the computer screen makes me tired, it’s worked before.   I can’t read, cause that will just cause me to stay up later.   I’ve never understood people who read before they go to bed, I always get super engrossed in the story and will prop my eyelids open with toothpicks (not literally!) to finish the book…so it isn’t really a good get to sleep method for me.  Yea.  I think I know why this happened, it’s totally my fault, I have lowered my caffiene consumption in the past few weeks, and then today I had two (count them, 1, 2) additional coffees above and beyond my morning cup.  AAAAAHHH caffene overload!!!!!!!! *sigh* so that’s totally my fault….but I didn’t think anything of it, cause there are times I can drink a cup of coffee and then plop right into bed….obviously tonight is NOT one of those times *sigh*


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