Oh, new tricks :)

This is a kickboxing week, although I’m not following my usual crazy workout schedule because my second job has kicked in so I’m not available in the evenings this week (sad day, no bjj) ANYWHO, today we worked on “tricks” to fake out your opponent.  We worked a couple of examples including:  Double jab, Faking a jab by throwing your shoulder forward, which causes your opnd ponent to block, and as they go to block actually throw the real jab…Purposely looking down when you do low kicks, and then look down and either throw a high kick or a punch…and the last one we worked was “superman” where you throw front kicks, and then you bring your knee up like you are going to throw a front kick, but instead you kick behind you and throw a punch at the same time. (whatever leg kicks, that arm punches).  I like stuff like this.  I’m not a heavy wham bam hit you person, but I can almost enjoy kickboxing when I can incorporate these sneaky types of moves–I feel much more successful during sparring when if I can manage to trick my partner even just once…yay! lol 🙂  For more sneaky trick stuff, see here <–yay I successfully embedded a link, go me!

OK time for bed, cause I’m doing dry runs of my school routine this week, since I’m out of the house all day (I’m working on packing food for the whole day, cause I don’t get home until 10 pm on days I have my second job)…that means wake up at 5:30 am…and it’s now 11:10 pm…those two hours are much too close together for my liking!


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