random melancholy

Today I was driving from my house to meet a friend for dinner…halfway there I remembered that the whole reason we were meeting for dinner was to trade books…and I’d forgotten to bring the books.  I was on a major road, so I had to manuver a bit to do a u turn (especially in Jersey our roads are wierd) ANYWHO, point of the story, I ended up on an overpass that I used to use all the time cause one of my friends used to live there.  I haven’t been there since helping my friend clean out her Mom’s house after she passed away.  it’s been a good 6 years, at least.  And it just for some reason, struck some melancholy chord within me…a realization of how much time has passed…how much things have changed since then…and it made me feel introspective and melancholy…booo…

she’s married and is expecting her first munchkin (which is exciting) and I now own a condo and have a successful career…and an excellent obsession with the martial arts *grinz*

I used to live far away from my friends house, (like over an hour) so it was a major victory when my Mom let me drive to her house…and it was an escape for me, to get out of my family’s house (cause I lived at home for college) and we had SO many adventures…we still adventure but it’s just not quite the same as it was then….

anywho, I didn’t even realize as I made the turn where it would lead me, so it came as a shock when I realized where I was…and all this stuff I haven’t thought about in years popped into my brain (funny how seeing something will do that to you)

I wonder what a melancholy emoti-con would look like?


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