cool escrima seminar

This is the second escrima seminar we’ve had–escrima is a Filipino martial art that can be done with two sticks or a stick and dagger.  Our first seminar was with two sticks, so this one was with a stick and dagger.  It was very cool…I don’t have the vocabulary to explain what stuff we did, but we basically did the equivalent of blocks and attacks, and some set combinations.  And it was a break from the crazy training I’ve been doing this week, which is nice (lol I can sit, or I can stand, but going between either of those hurts a lot lol)  Which brings me to this morning’s class–

in which we AGAIN did wall kicks.  Thats 4 times this week–once monday, TWICE yesterday, and then this morning.  For front kicks, which are the hardest for me to do on the wall…whatever muscle holds your leg up in that position is apparently very week on me…and the 4th time doing them this week, I could barely hold my foot 6 inches off the floor…any higher and it started to shake violently.  It was amusing in a twisted sort of way….

We also worked cutting to the side during sparring…the drill we did was one partner thru a jab, the other slipped to the outside and thru a cross…which would make you perpendicular to the person.  This is good cause it means they can’t throw another punch with out first turning to meet you…which 1. takes time and 2. throws them off balence.  I like it.  I have to try to do this next week during sparring.I have a bad habit of  just backing up or circling or WORST–just taking the hits…I totally freeze up sometimes….gotta get over that *sigh*


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