Ah, a glorious day of training :)

This morning and this evening were basically the same, so I’m just going to go through that once 🙂

Wall Kicks.  (remember, times 2!) front, roundhouse, side, back. other side.  I love you legs, really. 

Drills:  We practiced blocks–pillar, pick, fade, slip.  partner thru  jab/crosses–first few rounds, you went through two of each in order–end rounds we could choose what blocks to use.  I dislike pillar and slip.  pick is my preferred, but I try to practice slipping so I can get better at cutting corners during sparring, sensei is always on me for that. 

Self Defense:  one handed lapel grab, butterfly grip (thumbs on knuckles, wrap fingers around palm) and then step back and turn wrist to the outside until your thumbs face down. *tiiimmmbbbeeeerrrr!!!!*

Grappling:  get head and arm control and then a “sit up sweep” (wonders if that’s what it is really called?)  Post left hand, right hand grabs their left bicep, you “sit up” into their lap and then use momentum to sweep them over. 

Ending workout: 1.  partner holds out hands waist high, 15 sec. high knees.  switch. repeat. (I really do love you legs, honest, you’ve just gotten the short end of the stick this week) 2. high “ten” partner, 10 pushups.  stand up. high “ten” partner.  9 pushups. etc. till you get to one.  ow.  I *dispise* pushups.

Afternoon:  BJJ 

Drove down to middletown, which is about 20 minutes from my house.  (let me back up.  morning class 11-12, drive home, eat lunch and down protein shake, drive to middletown for 1:30 pm class) OMG.  hour and a half class.  We (myself and my friend Lisa) introduced ourselves, I don’t remember anyones name *sigh*  We start out jogging around the gym…they were like serious…the purple in the front of the line would clap and everyone would stop and do some form of torture, including: situps, pushups, “bjj pushups” (the kind where u start out downward dog-ish and then dive down and then stretch back up again) and then we’d get up and start running again.  Sometimes we’d run regular, sometimes we’d do the inside, outside skippie thing, sometimes this wierd run/ jumping jack thing (new appreciation for standing still jumping jacks) and sometimes foot to butt. (really, my poor legs this week…)

Then stuff we’re used too–stuff down the mat–shrimps, forward and back, supermans, caterpillars (I was sweating so much I almost fell on my face cause my hand slipped)

Then we partnered up to do our usual warmup drills–armbar, assisted armbar, triangle, omaplata.  There were TWO other girls there (yay!) so we split up so we could roll with one of them.  Luckily for me, I got the girl who was just starting, so I got to just talk her through doing the drills and reviewed your basic guard pass…and catch my breath…*phew*

Technique:  Same technique from last night (yay! I can act like I know something and am not just a sack of potatoes throwing itself across the mat (cause that’s how I felt!) : From guard, stand up (this is assuming you can’t break their guard at first) feed one of their arms underneath them, and then break their guard (it’s easier once they are now worried about the arm their own weight is crushing!) and then move into side control.  Once there, scoop front arm around far arm and around head, thread your second arm underneath you and grab onto their wrist and pull towards you. Tap! lol

Rolling:  Rolled (i just tried to spell “roll”  “Wrolled” hmmmm….) with Lisa and then with one of the white belt boys in the class.  I’m going to say we were probably about the same weight, but obviously, he was much stronger then me just by being a boy.  *sigh*  I don’t remember a  lot from my rolls…but I remember we would get into stalemates cause he was too strong for me to attempt anything, but I have a pretty good defense game (cause thats all I really ever do *sigh* so he wouldn’t be able to move forward either…it was kinda funny…well..kinda…I rolled with him twice…I don’t remember how he won the first time, but the second time I clearly remember going (in slow motion) *oh, no, he’s getting an armbar, must defend…TAP* random memories from the roll include being under his mount for a while, and I was exhausted so I would only bump when it looked like he was working a submission…I eventually got out I just dont remember how…..or maybe I didn’t maybe that’s how he submitted me the first time?  Don’t know, can’t remember, blurry.  At some point I accidently gave him my back and had to turtle up and almost got squashed (dang strength thing)…snuck out of an omaplata (which I’ve done before but I don’t really know how I do it, I certainly havent ever been taught how…hmmm…)..he definitely hit me in the nose at some point…and I have bruses on my left calf…I have no idea how they got there…but somehow they did *grinz* 

And then the insanity was over. PHEW.

I went home, ate a yogurt (can you eat too much yogurt? cause it seems like its the perfect food), and took a nap.  I considered showering, but then decided it wasn’t worth it when in three hours, I was going back to class.  I woke up, ate dinner and a cup of coffee (well I didn’t eat the coffee I drank it lol) and then I went to class, as outlined above.

Came home took a nice warm shower.  I honestly hope (and this is slightly un-environmental of me, but oh well) that we don’t ever progress to the Star Trek style “sonic shower” in my lifetime.  There is Nothing I can think of that is more refreshing after a workout then a nice warm shower.  Ahhhhhhhhhhhh….

Tommorrow:  Morning class (legs, I’m sorry, there’s probably more wall kicks ahead) and then we have a stick and dagger seminar in the evening, so that probably won’t be too stressful 🙂


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