Training after a week off

Well, luckily, I wasn’t like lounging in a beach chair all week, I was up early and hiking and etc each day, so I didn’t feel like totally muscle deprived today…


Worked footwork and jab/cross, going up and down the mat…then some mitt work…more jab/cross…hmmm….oh wall kicks…OWCH…we put a hand on the wall for balance then practice doing sets of front kicks, side kicks, and back kicks in the air.  I think we did 3 sets of 10 on each leg for each kick…holding leg up inbetween each set. OWCH!  I stayed after class to help with the mini sams and bbc classes


BJJ:  usual warmup, then we worked a guard pass…get control of a hand, then kinda stand up in their guard and pass the hand under their butt and grab with the other hand.  Then break guard and get into side control, with them basically putting pressure on their own arm behind their back.–I did NOT know an arm could bend that way!!!!  We also learned a submission if they get their arm from underneath them, scoop forward most arm around their far arm and trap it, then work your other arm under you and pull on their trapped arm. I don’t think that made any sense, but that’s okay.

I did a couple rolls with my usual partner, and then got to roll with one of my sensei’s from karate…he told me I move really well but I dont’ really know what I’m doing…lol…I just think…hmm..I don’t like where I am and I need to get somewhere else and I dunno what I do..I have no idea…*sigh*

Karate:  missed warm up cause I was changing…then we did some mitt work…more jab crosses and this totally out of the blue combo…pick a jab, jab hook, block, cross, crunch block, hook, uppercut…my one brain cell was going up in smoke 🙂  Then we did some self defense and *yaaaaaaaaaaaay!* it’s a grappling week!  Passing the guard.  Excellent.  I can practice technique the technique…I’m still kinda bad at it…I know all the parts, and do it well when there is no resistance..but when there is resistance? Not so great.

Tommorrow:   morning class, and then I found out tonght our bjj instructor has an afternoon class at another school, so me and another student are driving down tommorrow for for that in the afternoon, and then the evening classes are being held at the local “edison night out” which is like a safety thing a ma bob for kids…so I will probably show up there to help out…

One of my friends said she thinks i’m obsessed…I’m beginning to believe she might be right….lol


2 thoughts on “Training after a week off

  1. Wow, you’re training really inspires me. I’m trying a bunch today. 10:30 GJJ, followed by a 12:00 Muay Thai and then back tonight for open mat/sparring. I hope I have the stamina for it. I like your descriptions of the techniques and what you’re learning. I think GJJ could be really challenging for me. I have no idea what I’m doing!!

    • Personally, I think I’m crazy 🙂

      I wish I could train this consistantly during the school year (I’m a teacher) but I’m so busy especially in the fall so my attendance gets a little sporadic *sigh*

      I like writing down what I do…even if it’s not super clear because it helps me remember what I did…

      as for the bjj…once you get the basics, it starts to get easier. And you will spend a lot of time being on the defense, especially if you are rolling with a higher belt (at least that has been my experience) but it definitely takes a while for it to start to begin to feel “right”. Of course, it’s absolutely addicting so that helps too 🙂

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