BJJ and nunchuck “seminar” 7/19/10

I wrote the word seminar in quotes because my karate school is hostng a series of seminars over the summer for different types of martial arts.  Monday’s was BJJ and nunchucks…lol but the BJJ seminar is with our usual BJJ instructor (a black belt hired by our school) at our usual BJJ time, with nunchucks after.  Anyway, it was cool and super enjoyable 🙂

First we did some take downs…which I appreciate we almost never do that in class *grr*  The first take down was to circle hands around waist, then lower to hips and basically try to fold them in half so the fall down on their backs.  From there we worked 1. side control, and kimura; and 2. side control, escaping side control to guard, sit-up sweep to mount. (I have to admit something dumb I learned tonight–we always call a kimura a keylock.  I ddn’t know they were the same thing. silly me lol.)  The second take down we did started the same way, hands circling the waist, and  then switching to their back, and kicking the knee to get them down, getting their back, and then rolling over and choking them (right arm around their neck, hook on left bicep, left hand behind their head…what ever that is called). Whhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it was alot of fun 🙂

Nunchucks were taught by one of our sensei’s.  We don’t do a lot of weapon work in our regular karate classes, but it’s in our black belt curriculum so generally I watch the black belts practice with envy pouring out of my ears.  It was fun…I felt like a ninja! woot :)–but pretty sure I didn’t *look* like a ninja….lol and then one of our sempais, who has trained extensively in Japanese Jiu Jitsu (lol I almost wrote Japanese BJJ HAH!) showed us some wrist locks and that was cool…I think it’s amazing how you can smush somebody to the ground just by turning their wrist the right way…but it works…you have two choices–fall down or break your wrist…lol

As a side note, I have been using my upcoming karate belt as a motivator, and it seems to be working (Can’t remember if I’ve mentioned this, but my Sensei put aside a belt for me in the next size down as part of a weight loss program) When we’re doing anything tiring…I just picture that red belt sitting in the basket in the office…and it really me an extra ounce of energy to keep going…I always thought those things were dumb when websites and books and stuff tell you to do stuff like that…but it really works…really! honestly! 🙂


2 thoughts on “BJJ and nunchuck “seminar” 7/19/10

  1. Hey, sounds like a fun seminar. Did you get to use your nunchuks WHILE rolling? 🙂

    The way I learned is that a keylock is a general type of submission. Kimura and Americana are two specific types of keylock. Sort of like how Brabo and D’arce are two types of head/arm triangle.

    Also, it sounds like that other technique you described is a rear naked choke, also sometimes called a Mata Leao (Lion Killer in Portuguese).

    Take care and glad you’re having fun.

    • *lightbulb goes off above Regina’s head* I get it! Yay! lol you answered questions I didn’t know I had! teehee..and I believe you are right, because my instsructor did mention something about it being called a Lion Killer 🙂 but I forgot that until you mentioned it 🙂 *puffs in pride that I described well enough for the technique to be recognized woot!*

      and no, we did not use nunchucks WHILE rolling *grinz* I’d probably have knocked myself out 🙂

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