Random Non Martial Arts Related Rant

1st all my freinds got married.

now all my friends are having kids.

It’s really annoying and somewhat depressing.

I went to a baby shower today.  It was fun and cute and all that…


The worst part is I don’t really have much maternal instinct to have a child…

But I’ve always said thats cause I think a relationship has to come first before you can start thinking about that.

And there arent any of those at the moment…



And I’d love to blame the world..but I KNOW I don’t go out, so OBVIOUSLY I’m not going to meet anyone…DUH…


Oh well collapse into self pity party is over…


2 thoughts on “Random Non Martial Arts Related Rant

  1. My younger sister is getting married in September; my best friend, in January. Several friends have recently had babies, and every day on Facebook there are new pictures. So this is haunting me, too.

    I admit I do check out every guy that comes in to BJJ, but most of the “good catches” turn out to be already caught. Meh. Prince Charming needs to ask directions and show up for class already…

  2. LOL 🙂 Tell me about it–where are they hiding? 🙂 You would think there would be more of them…I mean, it’s not like we’re taking BALLET classes or something *grinz*……at least I feel better-er now 🙂

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