Yay! 1st Advanced Class woot!

I’m waiting for a file to download, so I figured I’d post a little blurb 🙂

Tonight I got to go to the advanced class yay!!! so exciting 🙂  yay 🙂

We built up a super long combo…jab,cross, evade, cross,hook,uppercut,duck,cross,hook.  Gosh I’m glad I have gear on…my poor brain can’t think that far in advance 🙂

I did learn something useful during sparring, that when I kick I let my hands drop.  No one has ever told me that before…so either people suck, or I was tired…We did a lot of rounds tonight…and not so much out of breath tired, but my brain cells were running out of steam by the end…my last match I was like..”jab…cross?  oh crap OWCH she just thru a jab I should have blocked that OUCH now she kicked me maybe I should hit her back?”  So my reaction time was completely shot.  That’s something new too…but again, I’ve never done that many rounds before in one setting so it’s definitely something to note and work on 🙂

My sensei set aside a red belt for me in the next size lower then the one I’m wearing and put my name on it and is storing it in her office.  She said I can come and visit it anytime I want.  I think I will…I need motivation! 🙂 yay!


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