Food Diary

So, my Sensei wants me to make a food diary for a week…so today is the first day I’m doing that..and..I think it might actually help–I wrote a note to myself on the front of it: “Be honest!  If you don’t write something down you are cheating yourself” and “Think about how good you will feel when you get compliments on your first day back to school” (I’m a teacher FYI).  And even just from today, I noticed when I thought to myself, “hmm…I think I would like to eat another such-and-such”  I then thought, “Oh, but THEN I have to write down that I ate another such and such in my diary and Sensei is going to yell at me” (not that sensei would really YELL at me *grinz*) and therefore, I didn’t eat the such and such…hmmmmm…Interesting……


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