*does happy dance*

3 classes today–karate in the morning, karate in the evening, and no-gi/mma after evening karate

Morning karate was good…I successfully used the *low kick to the shin/be a gnat* to my advantage during sparring (yay!)

Evening karate was AMAZING! woot! yay! happy days…I got my blue belt…FINALLY…I’ve been waiting, like, FOREVER!!! I’m so excited 🙂 yaaay…I was like fighting tears, so proud of myself I am (yoda I am?) woot!

no-gi we worked on keylock/kimora from side mount and an armbar if the person defends..

Did I mention I got my blue belt in karate tonight?  *happy dance* woooooot!!!!!!!!!


Dude I’m SORE!!! owchies!!!–and I have new respect for the inchworm…catepillars are a pain!!!!!!!!!! lol


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