7/12/10 Training

Yay!  Mondays are my FAVORITE day…I know that doesn’t make any sense unless you know thats the day of my BJJ class 🙂  We’ve recently acquired a bunch of new people, so the past few weeks, we’ve been doing basic sweeps, chokes, etc.  Which is FINE by me.  🙂  Today we did 4/4 , 4/0, and 4/1 chokes…no serious issues doing them in drills…but being able to actually get them when rolling…a whole nother story 🙂

One thing I did notice is I really suck at getting out when trapped in mount.  Today, even with someone who has only been training a few weeks, and is noticibly lighter then I, I STILL struggled to either ompa, trap and roll OR shrimp and get into guard.  I think it’s cause I can’t get strength and quickness to happen all at once…If I give enough strength to ompa/shrimp enough, I’m slow to the next step…and if I try for speediness, I don’t have enough strength…grrrrrr

After BJJ was my regular karate class…we’re on kickboxing (yuk) but today wasn’t tooooo bad…we spend a good amount of time doing drills…adding onto a combo–jab,jab,cross,block,block, hook, uppercut.  When we sparred, we had specific goals, which helps me a lot.  We did a cool exersize that basically makes you like an annoying gnat by doing a series of low kicks to distract and then following with a jab (or other punch as you prefer).  I liked that…I like anything that tricks my partner into giving me an opening and lets me avoid the face, cause I have issues with big gloves coming towards my face. yuk.  I’m getting better, but I definitely spar better when we have nights like today, where we spar with a partner but we’re working on a specific series of moves.


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