OMG it’s HOT!

YUK….over 100 degrees here + humidity = hibernation!!!  I only left my house to train today and even that was crazy! (I have off in the summer, because I’m a teacher–and although I usually work at a summer camp, I’m not this year because enrollment was down so…well…I go to train instead 🙂 *grinz* what a shame….lol

Morning classes tend to be more cardio, which is fine for me, I need that just as much as anything else.  This morning was a little frustrating though because my partner was not very enthusiastic…dude, you got up, you walked out of your house into the heat, got in the car, drove to class…you’re there, you might as well put everything into it, right?  I have trouble understanding that.  There are DEFINITELY times where I don’t WANT to come to class…there are days where I have to pep talk myself out the door.  But once I’m at class?  Definitely at least once I’ve gotten thru warm ups, I’m THERE 110%.  It was kinda annoying, but whatever, I enjoyed class anyway 🙂

This evening held two classes 🙂 One our regular training class, and then no-gi/mma afterwards.  It was SO HOT.  The air was on, I KNOW it was…but it felt like it couldn’t keep up with our poor overheated bodies AND the 100+ degree weather.  Poor air conditioner 🙂 

We basically split the month into two sections, the first two weeks are traditional karate and grappling, and the second two weeks are kickboxing.  This week is grappling *yay!*  (I will moan and groan on kickboxing weeks, apologizing ahead of time to the invisible masses).  To my great pleasure, the intermediate and advanced belts are starting to do live rolls on grappling days and that is super cool in my world 🙂

The mma/no-gi class is still pretty small…my school only just started it a bit ago.  Fine by me 🙂  I’ve only been going for a couple of weeks, and since I’ve been doing gi a lot longer (relatively speaking) I find I feel extra dumb at the no-gi class.  Case in point:  Tonight’s drill:  Triangle.  I know how to do a triangle, and I’m starting to do them well (during drills and warmups) in gi..but even after it was demonstrated no-gi…I felt totally retarded…I had a hard time getting my legs into position and getting their arm in the right position…its frustrating cause it’s familiar and unfamiliar at the same time.

My partner only does the regular classes and the no-gi class, but she hasn’t been doing the no-gi very long either.  She didn’t help my retardness any cause she was like, “well you know how to do a triangle right?” and I’m like, well yea sortof…*sigh*

Anywho, enjoyed it anyways, and now i’m back to hibernating in my house for another day…


2 thoughts on “OMG it’s HOT!

    • LOL I guess cause i’m stubborn 🙂 I like the karate classes, I just…don’t…like..sparring…very…much… 🙂 However, non-quitting spirit and all that, I’m determined to get good at it…lol…what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right?

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