Okay I think I’m Crazy :)

So, I dunno.  I read a whole bunch of blogs, especially other women who do martial arts, and for some reason this funny little voice in my head said, “hey, why don’t YOU start a blog?”  So, having confirmed the voice in my head, I think I’m crazy, cause who in their right mind would read MY blog?  And, more importantly, why would I want complete strangers to know anything about my life?  But, here I am, writing away, wondering if anyone is ever going to read this 🙂

Anywho, since the voice in my head claimed this should be a blog about my martial arts journey, I guess I should start out by telling the unknown masses about my journey so far *grins* 

After my roommate of many years decided to go off and get married (the nerve–jk) to a wonderful and amazing guy, I found myself buying a condo (which is an incredibly grown up activity) in a town where I knew NO ONE.  Feeling somewhat lost and confused (well, more then usual, at least) I searched around for some sort of activity that would 1. help me get in shape 2. help me meet people.  I always had wanted to try karate/martial arts, but it never had been something that had ever really materialized in any shape or form.  So, being a highly kinesthetic person (for those non teacher majors–I like to DO stuff, not read about doing stuff) I decided martial arts was the way to go.

So to make a long story short, I found a school that I liked, and was hooked immediately (even though I almost puked the first class…that may even be what hooked me, oddly enough) and within a few months had not only become ensnared in the karate/kickboxing/self defense stuff, but had begun also going to BJJ classes as well.  And so, here I am a year and a half later, deciding for some unknown random reason (oh yea that random voice) to start writing about my journey as well.

So, if there are any random people out there, I hope you enjoy my random ramblings!


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